Wiking Global also specializes in selecting and constructing prefab mix use buildings in various strategic locations of Sai Gon peripheral district. We aim to provide long term and economical leasing contracts to lifestyle related tenants (including F&B, retail, service apartment, co-working space, ect…).

1. Our approach:


Accessing the need of the tenants:

  • Target customer demographic
  • Leasing budget
  • Space design


Hunt for suitable location and suitable land owner


Construct prefab building


Deliver final leasable area + Operating support

2. Why Wiking Global solution is THE solution?

Mix-use building

Different service, business model will have different need for a suitable space

Aim to provide the tenant only ‘what they really need’, hence they will not pay for anything exceeding their need of space.

Prefabricated structure (prefab)

Quicker construction time

Financial saving

Prefab structure is more eco-friendly than traditional brick structure

Not centre but peripheral district

Leasing rice of commercial real estate in the peripheral district next to CBD is usually half of the one in CBD.

District 1 (140USD/m2) next to (D4 80 USD/m2)

District 3 (50 USD/m2) next to

Phu Nhuan District (15 USD/m2)

Ultimate goals: Lower leasing price for tennant

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